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I provide 50-minute individual psychotherapy sessions, offering one-on-one therapeutic support to clients virtually. Clients will be able to have the option of having their sessions over secure video or phone call. Sessions can be conducted over either of these secure platforms depending on what feels most comfortable and convenient for you.


I warmly offer a variety of individual psychotherapy approaches to create a tailored and personalized experience for each client. With a nurturing and supportive approach, I provide a diverse range of therapeutic modalities to choose from. Together, we will explore and find the most effective and empowering path forward that resonates with your unique goals and needs. My aim is to create a warm and inviting space where you feel seen, heard, and empowered on your individual healing journey.

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(Ages 14-18)

When working with adolescents in individual psychotherapy, I bring a warm and supportive approach that recognizes the unique challenges they face during this transformative phase of life. My goal is to create a safe and non-judgmental space where adolescents feel comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their emotions, thoughts, and concerns.

With genuine care and empathy, I strive to build a trusting therapeutic relationship by meeting adolescents where they are. I work towards actively listening to and validating their experiences while honoring their individuality and perspectives. I understand that adolescence can be a time of uncertainty and self-discovery, and I am here to provide guidance, encouragement, and support throughout this journey.


I prioritize ensuring that they feel heard, valued, and understood as they navigate the complexities of adolescence and strive for emotional well-being and fulfillment.


(Ages 18+)

In my work with adults in individual psychotherapy, I bring an open and collaborative approach that fosters a safe and non-judgmental space for exploration and growth. I understand that each person's journey is unique, and I am committed to providing support and guidance as we navigate any challenges and complexities that life brings.

I prioritize creating an environment where individuals can freely express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. When building a strong therapeutic relationship, I focus on important aspects such as trust, respect, and collaboration. I encourage open dialogue, reflection, and self-exploration to promote personal insight and growth.

Whether you are seeking support for a specific issue or are on a quest for personal development and self-discovery, I am here to provide guidance and empowerment. I will try my best to ensure that you feel heard, validated, and supported as we work towards greater self-awareness, resilience, and overall well-being.

(15 minutes)

I offer free initial consultations over the phone or via video call as a way to provide a valuable opportunity for you to have any questions and concerns addressed.


During these consultations, I am dedicated to creating a safe and confidential space where clients can openly discuss their needs, expectations, and any reservations they may have.

It allows us to establish a connection, ensuring that there is a good fit between myself as the therapist and the client. I believe in the importance of finding the right therapeutic relationship, and the free consultation enables clients to assess if I am the right therapist to support them on their journey.

I am here to actively listen and provide clarity on the therapeutic process, approach, and any other specific concerns that clients may have. My goal is to address any hesitations or uncertainties, providing information and insights that can help clients make an informed decision about starting therapy.

Have any questions about the services I provide?

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